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Is this a picture of a beach with a storm passing over it. ???????? Nope, fooled again! It's a picture of a dented CAR DOOR
OUR GOOD NEWS STORY OF THE DAY: Allyn Pierce is an intensive care unit nurse in Paradise, California. And last year, he risked his life to save his patients from the Camp Fire, which was the deadliest wildfire in state history. He used his Toyota Tundra to shuttle patients to safety when the fire spread and got too close to the hospital. He went back and forth multiple times. And the flames got so close, his doors were charred by the fire and his tail lights melted. Well…..Toyota corporate heard about the story, and decided to replace his truck with a brand NEW Toyota Tundra. They made a few modifications first: Added a heavy-duty roof rack . . . bigger tires . . . a lift kit . . . and an on-board CO2 tank. But here's the even cooler part: His charred doors were kind of like a badge of honor. So Toyota did a custom paint job for him to RECREATE the look. And they even gave it some texture where the paint on his old truck had boiled and bubbled up. They gave him the new truck last November, but recently surprised him with the custom paint job.
OUR GOOD NEWS STORY OF THE DAY: A couple in northern Texas named Sky Howard and Clay Cameron were planning to get married later this year, on New Year's Eve. And they were hoping Clay's grandmother Charlotte could be there. But's she's a HUNDRED years old, and her health has been going downhill lately. So they decided to move up their wedding date. And late last month, they got married in her HOSPITAL room, just so she could be there to see it. They didn't want to stress her out. So they kept it a secret, and made sure it was as small as possible. Sky's mom was there, and a close friend married them. The only other guest was gramma Charlotte. Clay says she's always been the matriarch of her family. And she loves it when he wears a suit. So he really wanted her to be there. Apparently they're still planning to have their other wedding on New Year's. But this one was just as important to them. And here are the wedding pics!
Lil Nas X Performed "Old Town Road" at an Ohio Elementary School, and the Video Is Awesome This is awesome: Last week, the principal of Lander Elementary School in Mayfield, Ohio Tweeted out a video of the kids at her school performing "Old Town Road" by LIL NAS X. She captioned it, quote, "I love my job. We ended our 5th grade talent show today with the whole school dancing and celebrating . . . together!!" Lil Nas X saw it, and Tweeted back, quote, "When [do] they want a free show?" And he didn't waste any time making it happen. He surprised the kids on Wednesday. The kids were HYPED to see him, and they sang right along with him.
Opening this weekend!
Prayers to the Mina family If you can help in the efforts to find Noah, please do. He and his mom Irene have occasionally won on 99.9 KISS FM 💔/
Stranger Things: An Alligator Is Spotted in a Pool . . . on an Inflatable Alligator Pool Raft This alligator either wanted a comfortable place to chill for a minute . . . or got very confused and thought he was about to shack up with a very large, very quiet lady. A guy was renting a house in Miami, Florida over the weekend, and when he looked out at the pool, he saw there was an ALLIGATOR in it. And it was riding on top of an inflatable alligator pool raft. A wildlife management company came out and got the gator out of the pool.
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OUR GOOD NEWS STORY OF THE DAY: A lot of us have made this mistake: You try to get in shape by going overboard, and do too much too fast. Like you decide to run five miles . . . then you're sore for a week and never do it again. So the right way to do it is by thinking long-term . . . creating goals . . . and sticking with a routine. And here's a great example . . . There's a 17-year-old kid in Canton, Ohio named Michael Watson who's graduating from high school this month. And he's been overweight most of his life. At one point, he was 325 pounds. But about a year ago, he decided to do something about it. So he overhauled his diet . . . stopped eating pizza every day . . . and walked several miles to school every morning. Even if it was snowing, he still walked. That's how determined he was. And his high school gave him a shout-out on Facebook . . . because he's lost a total of 115 POUNDS. We saw some before-and-after shots, and he looks like a different person. He says the secret is you really have to want it. And taking a real look at his relationship with food was hard, but worth it.
The Met Gala was held last night. The invitation-only event, famed for its A-list celebrities and haute couture gowns, is a benefit for New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and also marks the opening of the Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibit. Cardi B needed 7 people to help her up the stairs with this dress, how do you even sit??
Are you an Avengers Fan? The movie made $2.2 billion worldwide in its 2nd weekend. But what if the movie was made in the 90s?
Today's Impossible Question (Monday 5/6): "it typically takes about a month before this happens in a relationship!"
More STUPID in the NEWS: A Fugitive Tries to Fool the Cops with a Horrible Blond Wig . . . But It Doesn't Work As far as disguises go, this is barely a step up from Groucho Marx glasses with a fake nose and mustache attached. There's a 36-year-old guy named Robert Walls from Cocoa, Florida. He was a fugitive, with a warrant out on several drug dealing charges. And on Thursday, the cops got a tip he was at a house. So they surrounded the place. And Robert tried to escape by . . . putting on a long blond wig and biking away. But it wasn't a good wig or an even remotely convincing disguise . . . so the cops recognized him immediately and arrested him.
OUR GOOD NEWS STORY OF THE DAY: A guy from Florida named Austin Tatman was best friends with a girl named Natalie when they were little kids. They were constantly together until they were five. Then she moved to Connecticut. And for over a decade, they never saw each other or talked. But then in high school, Natalie tracked Austin down on social media, and they started talking again . . . then started DATING. Now they're both 24 years old. And last month . . . almost seven years after reconnecting . . . they got MARRIED. They say it only took two dates to realize they really liked each other. And after that, they were inseparable again. Their ceremony was at a venue near Daytona Beach. And in their wedding photos, they recreated an old picture they took as kids. In the original, they were standing up in Austin's toy Jeep Wrangler Power Wheel. So they took the same photo, but in a real Jeep.
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A Guy Gets to Name His Son "Tiger" Thanks to the Masters Win The ripple effect of Tiger Woods' shocking win at the Masters last weekend just keeps going. Before the Masters started, a 25-year-old guy named Trey Little in Dallas, Texas made a deal with his pregnant 39-year-old fiancée, Denise Coleman: If Tiger somehow wins, they'd name their son Tiger. And they even signed a contract. Well . . . Tiger pulled it off. And Trey says they're going to stick with the deal. Quote, "We both wanted a unique name, and I've always been a huge golf fan." Denise is due in September.
The Notre Dame cathedral, one of the most iconic structures in Paris, will never be the same, having largely succumbed to an out of control fire Monday evening. The spire was the first thing to collapse, followed by the entire roof. Yet, the first photos capturing the inside of the 850-year-old cathedral revealed an incredible sight. The cross is still standing.
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Funny story of the day: Two Politicians Named Matthew MacKay Are Running Against Each Other Here's the perfect election for anyone who wants change, but not too MUCH change. 37-year-old Matthew MacKay is an assemblyman on Prince Edward Island in Canada. And his seat is being challenged by another politician . . . named Matthew MacKay. The first Matthew MacKay is a Progressive Conservative. The second one is 64 years old, and a member of the Green Party. And they're worried people might get confused when they go to vote. So the older Matthew is adding his middle initial "J" to the ballot. About 40% of people on Prince Edward Island are of Scottish descent. So MacKay is a common name there. And the older Matthew joked that he's surprised this hasn't happened before. There's also a third candidate running named Nancy Beth Guptill. The election happens April 23rd.
And now the news...(sort of) A devastating combination of heavy rainfall and snowmelt has led to record flooding in the Midwest, causing 75 cities in Nebraska to declare states of emergency. The water is starting to recede, and those affected by the flood now begin the huge task of cleaning up and rebuilding. Kyle Simpson and friend Gayland Stouffer spent Sunday cleaning mud from his property. As the sun was setting, the two men were walking back to their car when Stouffer spotted what looked like a refrigerator in the middle of a field. When the opened it, the fridge was full of beer. The two friends cracked open two beers, choosing from Busch Light and Bud Light. Simpson said, “It was a gift sent from the heavens, and we were happy to see it. But we hoped the people who lost the fridge were OK, we hoped their property was OK.”
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Just in case you missed it, here's today's GOOD NEWS story: Kids Shoveled a Woman's Driveway at 4:30 A.M. So She Could Get to Dialysis One of her neighbors has been shoveling her driveway all winter to make sure she can get her car out. But he's a paramedic and had to work when the last big snowstorm hit. So his little brother stepped up to help instead. His name is Patrick Lanigan, and he's a high school senior. He offered to wake up before school and shovel the driveway. But he knew it would take a while. So he was smart about it, and asked his friends for help. Four of them ended up sleeping over at his house that night. Then they all got up at 4:30 in the morning, and knocked it out in about 30 minutes. They were hoping school might get cancelled that day, so they could go back to bed. But no luck. Most of them didn't sleep much, but they were all happy to help. Patrick's dad was so proud of them, he posted some photos on Twitter, and now they're going viral.
Captain Marvel opens today! Check out the SHAKA she gives in this trailer!