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Happy Earth Day from 99.9 KISS FM!
A Guy Gets to Name His Son "Tiger" Thanks to the Masters Win The ripple effect of Tiger Woods' shocking win at the Masters last weekend just keeps going. Before the Masters started, a 25-year-old guy named Trey Little in Dallas, Texas made a deal with his pregnant 39-year-old fiancée, Denise Coleman: If Tiger somehow wins, they'd name their son Tiger. And they even signed a contract. Well . . . Tiger pulled it off. And Trey says they're going to stick with the deal. Quote, "We both wanted a unique name, and I've always been a huge golf fan." Denise is due in September.
The Notre Dame cathedral, one of the most iconic structures in Paris, will never be the same, having largely succumbed to an out of control fire Monday evening. The spire was the first thing to collapse, followed by the entire roof. Yet, the first photos capturing the inside of the 850-year-old cathedral revealed an incredible sight. The cross is still standing.
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Funny story of the day: Two Politicians Named Matthew MacKay Are Running Against Each Other Here's the perfect election for anyone who wants change, but not too MUCH change. 37-year-old Matthew MacKay is an assemblyman on Prince Edward Island in Canada. And his seat is being challenged by another politician . . . named Matthew MacKay. The first Matthew MacKay is a Progressive Conservative. The second one is 64 years old, and a member of the Green Party. And they're worried people might get confused when they go to vote. So the older Matthew is adding his middle initial "J" to the ballot. About 40% of people on Prince Edward Island are of Scottish descent. So MacKay is a common name there. And the older Matthew joked that he's surprised this hasn't happened before. There's also a third candidate running named Nancy Beth Guptill. The election happens April 23rd.
And now the news...(sort of) A devastating combination of heavy rainfall and snowmelt has led to record flooding in the Midwest, causing 75 cities in Nebraska to declare states of emergency. The water is starting to recede, and those affected by the flood now begin the huge task of cleaning up and rebuilding. Kyle Simpson and friend Gayland Stouffer spent Sunday cleaning mud from his property. As the sun was setting, the two men were walking back to their car when Stouffer spotted what looked like a refrigerator in the middle of a field. When the opened it, the fridge was full of beer. The two friends cracked open two beers, choosing from Busch Light and Bud Light. Simpson said, “It was a gift sent from the heavens, and we were happy to see it. But we hoped the people who lost the fridge were OK, we hoped their property was OK.”
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Just in case you missed it, here's today's GOOD NEWS story: Kids Shoveled a Woman's Driveway at 4:30 A.M. So She Could Get to Dialysis One of her neighbors has been shoveling her driveway all winter to make sure she can get her car out. But he's a paramedic and had to work when the last big snowstorm hit. So his little brother stepped up to help instead. His name is Patrick Lanigan, and he's a high school senior. He offered to wake up before school and shovel the driveway. But he knew it would take a while. So he was smart about it, and asked his friends for help. Four of them ended up sleeping over at his house that night. Then they all got up at 4:30 in the morning, and knocked it out in about 30 minutes. They were hoping school might get cancelled that day, so they could go back to bed. But no luck. Most of them didn't sleep much, but they were all happy to help. Patrick's dad was so proud of them, he posted some photos on Twitter, and now they're going viral.
Captain Marvel opens today! Check out the SHAKA she gives in this trailer!
Such sad news this morning!
Lay's Is Releasing Three New Chips Based on Types of Music! Have you ever heard music that you were just FEELIN' so much you could, like, taste it, man? Lay's just announced they're releasing three new potato chip flavors that they say are inspired by TYPES OF MUSIC. The flavors are . . . 1. Wavy Electric Lime and Sea Salt chips, inspired by pop music. 2. Flamin' Hot Dill Pickle Remix, inspired by hip-hop. 3. And Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese, inspired by classic rock. All three of the new chips are now on sale, and they'll be available for a limited time.
Happy Birthday to Harry Belafonte who turns 92 today!
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Just a few Oscar highlights this morning :)
A guy from Canada just set a new Guinness World Record for wearing 260 t-shirts. He's got so many of 'em on you can only see the top of his head.
The Sailor from the Most Famous World War II Kiss Has Died One of the most iconic photos in history is the one of the sailor kissing a woman in Times Square to celebrate the end of World War 2 in 1945. Sadly, that sailor died on Sunday. Today would have been his 96th birthday. His name was GEORGE MENDONSA, and he was on leave at the time, after a stint in the Pacific. He was actually on a first date with one Rita Petry . . . who would later become his WIFE . . . when the news broke that the war was over. Everyone started drinking and celebrating in the streets. That's when he saw GRETA FRIEDMAN, who he thought was a nurse. In an interview a few years ago, George said, quote, "We're all drinking and raising hell . . . it was just plain instinct, I guess. I just grabbed her." His date didn't even care. She said, quote, "I was in the background, grinning like a mutt. It didn't matter to me." They married in 1946, and were together until his death. Greta didn't mind either. She said, quote, "Suddenly, I was grabbed by a sailor. It wasn't that much of a kiss. It was more of a jubilant act that he didn't have to go back." The girl from the photo died in 2016. She was 92. (CNN)
Just for fun, name all the girls in this video...
This looks like a fun movie to see this weekend.
The wonders of Maui!!!!!!
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