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How did you get started in radio? Started working in radio as an intern, operating the sound board for various shows at Pacific Radio in 2000.

If you weren’t working in Radio, what would you be doing? I would be in Mexico selling fruit if it were not for radio. What are a few random facts about yourself that we should know? I enjoy building abstract art out of gum I’ve chewed and I love to play poker.

Favorite quote? What’s the matter Colonel Sanders…..Chicken?!

What five albums would we find in your cd player? Asia, Buster Poindexter, America, Steve Miller and David Hasselhoff

What do you fear? Bees

Where are you from originally? San Diego, CA

First album purchased? Asia – Heat of the moment

Last album purchased? Nickel Back

First concert? The Cult

Favorite Food: Pie

Who were your celebrity crushes as a teenager? Stevie Nicks

Favorite movie of all time? Caddyshack

Favorite tv shows? Free Radio